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U-Mark Company Photo 2015

About us

We started U-Mark in 2002 because making markers is our passion. We figured that we’d love being independent and customers would benefit from our high quality, better value and innovative designs. It worked beyond our expectations. Through our expertise, ingenuity and hard work we have elevated markers to be essential tools for professional users, helping an entire industry move forward.

Quality and Value

We constantly test markers' performance, to make sure they can handle the most demanding applications. We pay attention to details so you can focus on your job. Unique in the industry, we tell customers exactly how much paint or ink we put in each marker.

U-Mark Factory


Our efforts have won us loyal customers in major industrial plants, as well as small shops, all over the world. In twelve years, we have built up a manufacturing capacity to make millions of markers, and have the flexibility to accommodate the most demanding customers.


U-Mark’s numerous innovations lead the industry. From simple ideas like the U-Holder™, to complex patents like the Megaflow™ valve, customer needs drive our continuous improvements. Click here to check out our newest U-Phase™ Wire Marker.