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Replacement Tips

A simple way to minimize waste and reduce costs. Using replacement tips can extend the life of your markers for a fraction of the cost.
Below is a handy guide to help you identify the right tip for each marker.

 Guide to abbreviations

  • AC = Acrylic
  • PES = Polyester
  • HD = High Density

Reversible Tips’ size and shape are referenced as follows:

  • 2/4 = 2 mm./4 mm.
  • 3/5 = 3 mm./5 mm.
  • Bullet/Chisel

10100XFLPES XFine Line Tip

10100XFL - PES XFine Line Tip

A3 Extra Fine Tip Paint Marker

10300A10300APES 2/4 Bullet Chisel Tip

1030010300PES 3/5 Bullet/Chisel Tip

14000AC A30 Chisel Tip

14000 - AC A30 Chisel Tip

A30 Broad Tip Paint Marker

10100AC HD Bullet Tip

10200FLAC Fine Line Tip

10200FL - AC Fine Line Tip

100P Fine Line Industrial Paint Marker
also compatible with:
A10 Paint Marker

1310113101AC 3/5 Bullet/Chisel Tip

10920AC Pencil Point Tip

10920 - AC Pencil Point Tip

Tekmark™ Indelible Marking Pen
PHD™ Plastics Marker
also compatible with:
M3 All Purpose Ink Marker

1041210412AC M3 Bullet/Chisel Tip

10412 - AC M3 Bullet/Chisel Tip

M3 All Purpose Ink Marker
also compatible with:
Tekmark™ Indelible Marking Pen
PHD™ Plastics Marker

1200012000PES HD Bullet/Chisel Tip

12000 - PES HD Bullet/Chisel Tip

WASHOFF™ Water Removable Paint Marker - Black, Blue, Green, and Red
EZ OFF™ Wet Erase Industrial Marker

16000AC U-Phase 7mm Tip

16000 - AC U-Phase 7 mm. Tip

U-Phase® Wire Marker

30750Metal 4mm Head

30750 - Metal 4 mm. Head

Metalhead® Refillable Paint Marker

30751Metal 2mm Head

30751 - Metal 2 mm. Head

Metalhead® 2 Refillable Paint Marker