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ST-24 Electronic Stencil Cutter

ST-24 Electronic Stencil Cutter

ST-24 cuts stencils and signs in an almost unlimited amount of fonts and symbols with an easy to use, Windows based Stencil Works™ software.

Versatile cutting system
  • Quality cutting and heavy down force allow ST-24 to cut a wide variety of material types. ST-24 can cut materials up to 24" wide and character sizes from 0.25" and up. From Ultra-Cut II and 0.011”   thick Oilboard to  vinyl for signs.
Simple and cost effective.
  • Stencil Works™ Software is simple to use and is written with industrial and shipping room users in mind. 16 standard stencil fonts and 46 international shipping symbols. You may import any TrueType® font and logos/symbols from .ai/.eps/.dxf file types. Quick and easy automatic cut settings are controlled straight from the stencil cutter keypad.

Typical Uses

  • Military and Defense Contractors, Aerospace, Electrical and other Utilities.
  • Export Packaging.
  • Railroad and transportation companies.


Dimensions32.5" W x 16.5" D x 43.25" H (826 x 419 x 1099 mm.)
Operating Temp Range32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)