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ST-24 Electronic Stencil Cutter

ST-24 Electronic Stencil Cutter

ST-24 cuts stencils and signs in an almost unlimited amount of fonts and symbols with an easy to use, Windows based software.

Versatile cutting system
  • Quality cutting and heavy down force allow ST-24 to cut a wide variety of material types in an almost unlimited amount of fonts and symbols. ST-24 can cut up to 24" wide and character sizes from 0.25" and up. From Ultra-Cut II and Oilboard to Magnetic and vinyl for signs.
Simple and cost effective.
  • Stencil Works Software is simple to use and is written with inductrial shipping room users in mind. 16 standard stencil fonts and 46 international shipping symbols. You may import any TrueType® font and logos/symbols from .ai/.eps/.dxf file types. Quick and easy automatic cut settings are controlled straight from the stencil cutter keypad.

Typical Uses

  • Military and Defense Contractors, Aerospace, Electrical and other Utilities and Export Packaging.


Dimensions32.5" W x 16.5" D x 43.25" H (826 x 419 x 1099 mm.)
Operating Temp Range32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)