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Stencil Inks

Stencil Inks

USIP Premium Dye Based Ink
  • For use on porous surfaces with stencil rollers and brushes. Dries quickly on cartons and wood. Perfect for shipping room use.
USI Pigmented Ink
  • For use on porous and non-porous surfaces. Weather resistant, impervious to most solvents, high contrast, fast drying ink.


Item # Description
20111 USIP - Black Gallon
20121 USIP - Black Quart
20201 USI Solvent Gallon
20202 USI Solvent Quart
20211 USI - Black Gallon
20215 USI - White Gallon
20221 USI - Black Quart
20225 USI - White Quart

 6 quarts or 4 gallons per case.

Other colors available upon request.