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ST-2020 Electronic Stencil Machine

ST-2020 Electronic Stencil Machine


The ST-2020 is the world’s leading fully electronic system for the creation of individual stencils. Built to withstand harsh environments, ST-2020 is designed for users who value speed, durability, and ease of use.

Cuts stencils without operator assistance
  • Saves time and errors. Stencils can be imported from a mainframe computer and cut directly with ST-2020. Information can also be input and saved using a simple Windows based software program included with the machine.
Heavy duty construction
  • Proven in steel mills and shipping yards around the world. ST-2020 sets the standard for dependable,rugged performance. Hardened steel cutting unit and new metal hood.
  • Extremely reliable construction for heavy usage/harsh environments. Made in Germany and supported by USA based factory trained technicians.
Three times faster than plotter systems
  • Cuts crisp, clean oilboard stencils at an average of 0.4 characters per second. No "hanging chads" of oilboard. When stencil is ready, it's cut automatically, while plotter systems require the operator to use scissors.

Typical Uses

  • Plate Steel Mills for marking flat steel slabs. 

  • Packaging, Moving and Crating companies for marking wood crates, boxes, freight containers and more.

  • Electrical Companies for marking of transformers and stations. 

  • Chemical and oil industry for marking drums, tanks, containers and pipelines.


Dimensions20.5" W x 24" D x 26" H (520 x 609 x 660 mm.)
Operating Temp Range32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)